Bigitcon Ltd - BI related IT consulting

We are a BI related IT consulting, software development company specialized for business intelligence solutions, especially for organizations focusing on exploiting their structured and unstructured data assets and data warehouses to facilitate and accelerate their decision making processes.
Our goal is to help the decision making processes by exploiting data sets and data warehouses using our professional data mining, BI knowledge and innovative approach, and support successful operation.

BI for everyone

We are BI experts who are experienced in business and business intelligence processes, evaluation of the related supporting information systems; planning and implementation of consolidated data warehouse models; development and implementation of ETL processes; planning and development of data marts and BI reports; analysis using BigData techniques, modeling.

We can help you in connection with business intelligence how you could gain reliable, troubleproof, traceable, utilizable results from your data warehouses, ERP, CRM systems with state of the art data visualization. We use especially Power BI and Oracle BI softwares.

Areas of expertise

  • development, operation, administration of Oracle iAS and Weblogic
  • installation, operation and administration of UNIX systems (HPUX, Linux, Solaris, AIX)
  • installation of Oracle databases, their operation and administration
  • installation of JBoss applications, their operation and administration
  • installation of Oracle BIEE 10 and 11, its operation and administration
  • shell scripting
  • installation, operation, administration of Oracle Internet Directory or other LDAP systems
  • SQL (Oracle or ANSI SQL) and PL/SQL development
  • Oracle Designer and Data Modeler modeling
  • Oracle Forms development
  • Oracle Reports development
  • Oracle Discoverer development
  • Oracle BIEE and Publisher development
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SSAS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Postgre
  • Java EE development, development (Oracle ADF and Vaadin)
  • Cloudera technology stack