Introducing Bigitcon LoadController

Scheduling of daily processing and error handling is a recurring and sore point in the operation of the systems. Projects quickly outgrow services provided by simple task scheduling and it becomes necessary to implement a task scheduler, however the selection of the tool is not an easy task, because it must meet several, even conflicting, criteria:

  • Be easy to use
  • Be able to run diverse type scripts
  • Be able to handle errors
  • Handle stuck processes
  • Be able to run multiple tasks in parallel
  • Be able to limit the use of resources
  • Be able to manage dependencies
  • Manage configurations
  • Send notifications
  • Notifications should be customizable
  • Be monitorable

Bigitcon LoadController is a solution to all of these, because:

It is easy to use

Just copy the files you want to run into a directory and the LoadController will take them to the next start.
The configuration can be specified in a JSON file, which can also be modified with a general text editor.
To start database scripts, accesses can be stored in a central JSON file, so there is no need to burn them into the scripts.
Special requirements of particular scripts can be specified in a simple comment in the given file, so it is always easy to see and modify what belongs to what.

Can run diverse type scripts

BigITCon LoadController supports the following files:

  • Running MSSQL files with sqlcmd
  • Running postgresql files with psql
  • Running PowerShell scripts to start any other process

Can handle errors

BigITCon LoadController provides several error handling solutions:
  • Retry run
  • Start an error handling file
  • Skip file
  • Skip directory
  • Stop loading

Handles stuck processes

BigITCon LoadController manages multiple levels of configurable time frame for running a file and can send a notification when the time frame expires or treats the run as an error and thus stopping it and involving it in the error management procedure.

Can run multiple tasks in parallel

By default, BigITCon LoadController starts files organized in directories in parallel.

Resource usage can be limited

The number of files running in parallel can be configured, so resource management can be solved.

Can handle dependencies

BigITCon LoadController can handle cross-dependencies of files and directories, so synchronizations can be built into the parallel loading process.

Manages configurations

BigITCon LoadController stores the configurations in JSON files, which can be easily modified, special settings of the particular files can be written directly to the relevant file.

Sends notifications

BigITCon LoadController can send email notifications of all events at two notification levels, so it is easy to configure who should be notified about which event. The managed events can be configured for each level, avoiding too many notifications.

Notifications can be customized

The HTML template of the notifications sent by BigITCon LoadController can be specified in the configuration, so the appearance of the emails can be adapted to the needs of the given project.

Can be monitored

By default, BigITCon LoadController writes its status to a file and can report the running status to the PowerShell console in an easy-to-read format.
It can store the running status in an MS SQL or Postgresql database in a configured way, so external monitoring (e.g. reports) can easily build based on the stored data. 

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