Data Warehousing solutions

Data warehousing


  • what data about your company and your clients is stored in your information systems?
  • what the data assets collected by your firm are being or might be used for?
  • how you can use of your data so that it can provide useful knowledge for your organization?
  • a solution for integrating your firm’s structured and unstructured data assets?

We reengineer traditional data warehouses.

We bring out, rethink and utilize your data. 

We increase the efficiency of business by processing big data. 

We provide operational support for the data warehouse loading processes used by the client with direct developer support during working hours and on-call phone service outside working hours, according to proactive (fault preventing) and reactive (fault finding) service protocols. Monitoring and providing expert support for the operation of data warehouse loading processes implemented and used by the client during and outside working hours, escalation of any issues outside the service provider’s competence to the relevant level specified in the SLA, up-to-date documentation connected with the service (based on required standard, internal ISO standard or using the client’s fault management system) as well as periodical (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) reporting. 

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