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We bring out, rethink and utilize your data.

Business Intelligence

Have not you used business intelligence software yet? It is easy to use if you are an excel user. Do not worry about its phasing-in cost! Do not wait for/depend on your IT colleague! 

Data warehousing

Is your data warehouse out of order? Don’t you know which content from your data warehouse can be utilized?

Data Engineering

Are you keeping up with the times? Are you able to handle your growing data asset? Are you familiar with Big Data systems, techniques? Do you need real-time analytics?

Is your data not sexy? We will dress it up!

Reengineering of traditional data warehouses

Why us?

Data visualisation and Power BI experts

Business Intelligence related IT consulting

We are a BI related IT consulting, software development company specialized for business intelligence solutions, especially for organizations focusing on exploiting their structured and unstructured data assets and data warehouses to facilitate and accelerate their decision making processes. Our goal is to help the decision making processes by exploiting data sets and data warehouses using our professional data mining, BI knowledge and innovative approach, and support successful operation.

BI for everyone

We are BI experts who are experienced in business and business intelligence processes, evaluation of the related supporting information systems; planning and implementation of consolidated data warehouse models; development and implementation of ETL processes; planning and development of data marts and BI reports; analysis using BigData techniques, modeling.


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Database, Data Lake, And Data Warehouse The modern world runs on data, and without it, institutions and businesses would not be successful. However, a key aspect of data is how it is stored. Database, data lake, and data warehouses are the top three ways of storing data, and here is everything you need to know…

The Future Of Data Warehouse

The Future Of Data Warehouse Data warehouses are entirely changing the game for organizations as they offer opportunities for tool selection and effective strategizing. It will keep on growing in the future as, according to IDC, data creation will increase by at least ten times by 2025. Data warehouses will have to adapt to this…

Data Warehouses: What You Need To Know

Many marketers have moved away from data warehouses to new methods of storing data. Let’s try to understand what data warehouses are and a practical storage solution for your business.

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