The Rise Of Decision Intelligence

By peter

The Rise Of Decision Intelligence Decision Intelligence is an information technology (IT) approach to decision making, strategy and planning. In this article, read more about the approaches that enable today’s enterprises to make decisions more…

Data science in R&D

By Laci

Data Science in R&D In line with our knowledge-sharing and knowledge-management strategy, we are present at the relevant international and domestic professional conventions, exhibitions, and events, for example, at the XVII. Congress of the Hungarian…

Database, Data Lake And Data Warehouse

By peter

Database, Data Lake, And Data Warehouse The modern world runs on data, and without it, institutions and businesses would not be successful. However, a key aspect of data is how it is stored. Database, data…

The Future Of Data Warehouse

By peter

The Future Of Data Warehouse Data warehouses are entirely changing the game for organizations as they offer opportunities for tool selection and effective strategizing. It will keep on growing in the future as, according to…

Data Warehouses: What You Need To Know

By peter

Many marketers have moved away from data warehouses to new methods of storing data. Let’s try to understand what data warehouses are and a practical storage solution for your business.