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Why Insight Driven Omnichannel Activities Are Important for Your Business?

We all know that we need to communicate with our customers in all possible ways and make sure they are informed about all our sales activities. But did you ever think that your company does all these communications properly? Maybe Customer A likes the emails, but others react to Facebook advertisements more. Or Customer B prefers to buy high priced products while the others prefer the big sales events? 


You need to know your customers, to be able to serve them better and also make sure that you do whatever you can in order to increase your sales. Lucky us, the current technology makes it possible to improve our sales activities just by simple projects and make sure that we maximize our profit in 2023! Be prepared! So what is the solution for this issue? It’s the data and how you change your sales to become insight driven.


How to become insight driven?


This process is a circle of steps which are designed to lead your sales team and make the highest possible income. Here are the main steps you need to follow

  1. 1st, you need to define your business purpose and make sure that you keep this always on the horizon. This will lead your activities. This goal must be very high level and also important for the whole business. Let’s say increase your sales by 15%.
  2. As a next step, you need to start collecting consents from your customers. This means that you get all kinds of approvals for marketing communications, emails, post mails and try to identify them on the different social media channels. The more contacts you get, the better chance you have for your goal.
  3. Then you need to start segmenting your customers. This means that you try to identify some patterns among them, potentially based on location, age, gender, earlier purchases, possible interests. This will lead you to create a certain number of customer groups. It is very important that you need to have groups, so make sure that you have a relevant number of customers in each group. If the group is too small then you can not measure the results properly, but if the group is too big then you will not be able to make decisions as the people in the group have too general similarities.
  4. The next step is to collect the data based on your customer groups. Make sure that you collect as much relevant data as you can to make the process easier for the later steps. The more you work on your data, the better results you will get at the end.
  5. Once you have a lot of data collected and communications done with your customers, then you can start utilizing the technology and implement data science techniques to add a meaning to your data. Data science will give you a real upgrade to your collected data and make sure you improve your later steps. It can recommend new grouping, new targets and communications methods to your customers, so the next round of actions will be better.
  6. With all the above steps done you will have great data about your customers, and sales activities, so you just need to create such dashboards which will give you great visualizations to your data. This step is very important in the process as you can have a lot of great data, but if you do not understand it then you can not make your next steps towards your goals.

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